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    to create a logo and a sign for a café.

    Pelmennaya is a café in Zheleznodorozhny in Moscow Oblast which has gathered in its menu all possible variations of pelmeni and pierogi from all over the world: Siberian pelmeni, ravioli, gyoza, manti, khinkali, shumai. A signature logo and a sign for the café were developed at the studio.

    pelmennaya logo
    The dense rounded lettering hints at the variety of pelmeni on offer

    The café combines a number of styles where the eclectics of the interior is supported by unusual architecture. The grotesque sign looks great on the futuristic façade.

    At night, the sign is illuminated by purple backlight adding to the alien look of the building.

    pelmennaya entrance

    The monolithic letters can be easily reproduced with a stamp or a stencil which expands the range of advertising and design possibilities.

    pelmennaya last

    art director and designer

    • Еrken Kagarov


    • Dmitry Lamonov

    project manager

    • Yulya Nikolaeva