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The making of Pepelkus 2.0 outdoor cigarette receptacle

Overview   Packaging   Process   Hi Res  

We need to change the perforation and position of the top panel to make it easier to drop cigarette butts and to make sure people don’t put empty cigarette packs there.

pepelkus2 process 01

What if we simplify the design? Reduce the number of parts and make the layout simpler? Cut down the number of technological operations?

pepelkus2 process 02

Making adjustments and corrections to the original model.

pepelkus2 process 03

Evaluating the resulting variants. Variant B has more usable volume, but variant A has a simpler layout and is more airtight.

pepelkus2 process 04

Preparing the documentation for the producing contractor: the exploded diagram and the color and texture map.

pepelkus2 process 05
pepelkus2 process 06

Getting the samples back. The contractor offered their own version of execution. Commenting on the samples.

pepelkus2 process 07

The artistic director makes final corrections. Reverting to the original trap door.

pepelkus2 process 08

It wouldn’t hurt to refresh the packaging, too. Changing the pictures, the logo and the name.

pepelkus2 process package 01

Art director: We always have 2.0 as part of the name. Also add some signs about the “new and improved design.”

Making the changes.

pepelkus2 process package 02

Art director: Let’s leave only one hand on the sign and give it a cigarette to hold.

pepelkus2 process package 03

Art director: The hand would look better in the center with the English text in the bottom.

pepelkus2 process package 04


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