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Public transportation shelters for Perm

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Task: to replace the existing transportation shelter designs.

Perm is renewing its transportation shelters, and we don’t mean just a fresh coat of paint. The new pavilions are designed from scratch, addressing modern city requirements and needs.

perm busstop 1
“Run.” Andrey Flakonkishochki, Moscow

The side facing away from approaching traffic displays social ads and announcements of upcoming events.

perm busstop 3
The roof is constructed to withstand the Russian winter snow load and is slanted for drainage

Our stops come in two lengths.

For easy navigation, each stop displays its title printed clearly on top as well as nearby street names with arrows pointing you in the right direction.

All glass elements carry artwork by professional illustrators to reduce graffiti damage. We made a public call for entries “P-avilion” and now the best works are all over Perm.

Release date: December 22 2010


art director and designer
industrial designers
project manager

From the Modern Art Museum PERMM and Perm Design Development Center:

project director
technical designers

Research group meetings for the new shelters design:

Art. Lebedev Studio appreciates the assistance of Maxim Kis with this project
perm busstop 2 1
“Faces of the XXth century.” Alexey Kurbatov, Moscow
perm busstop 4 1
Tinted polycarbonate skylights

For safety reasons our shelters are the first in the nation to be illuminated after dark.

perm busstop 5
“Saint-Petersburg series.” Aleksey Zuev, Toliatti

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