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Perm city trash can collection 2011

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Task: To fashion a new line of city trash bins.

This garbage receptacle mounts on a building corner at intersections. Visible and accessible from either street, it serves pedestrian flows from both directions.

wastebin 1
Dimensions: height 633 mm (25″), diameter 465 mm (18.3″), capacity 35 L (9.2 gal)

Very hungry container begs you to feed it with some junk. It’s quite attractive and personal, though all it takes is just a minimalistic concrete base and an inexpensive plastic hood.

wastebin 2
Dimensions: height 900 mm (35.4″), diameter 510 mm (20″), capacity 48 L (12.7 gal)

This trash bin wears a top perforated with assorted city-waste objects and is ideal for malls and business centers. Pictograms remind that these items belong in the garbage bin, not on the street.

wastebin 3
Dimensions: height 680 mm (26.7″), side 450 mm (17.7″), capacity 70 L (18.5 gal)

Introducing the prima donna of our collection — a trash can wedded to a planter. On one hand, this model is loyal to folks’ desire to litter flower beds. On the other hand, it adds some pleasant greenery to the cityscape.


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Timur Burbaev
Nina Vulf
industrial designer
Aleksandr Pozdeev
Anton Verevkin
wastebin 4 2
Dimensions: height 519 mm (20.5″), length 1,093 mm (43″), depth 646 mm (25.4″), capacity 115 L (30.4 gal)

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