• Graphic design
  • The making of the logo and visual identity for Pioneer-Optic

    Overview   Process  

    Making sketches—throwing together glasses, letters, lenses. Presenting ideas to the client.

    The client chooses several directions. Developing them. It becomes clear that the one with the letters in glasses is the best.

    The client approves the idea but thinks that the styling is too primitive for a premium class brand. Making letters lighter and more elegant.

    The designer can’t stop generating ideas.

    The Kiev office joins in and suggests making a three-dimensional animated logo.

    Preparing a presentation.

    The letters in glasses win.

    The type designer works on the letters.

    The art director asks to get rid of the white line and the bridge between the letters.

    Choosing colors.

    Polishing details, bringing back the bridge and typesetting the guidelines.

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