• Graphic design
  • The making of the Plus dating service logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Plus is a service for fast dating for those who got tired of swiping in Tinder, waiting on a response to a request for days or endlessly exchanging useless messages. All profiles shown in the app are online: the participants immediately accept/reject incoming requests, communicate rapidly and don’t write boring messages to each other. A couple hours later the profiles and the messages are gone for good, every one can use the app according to their own scenarios. The app is planned for launch in December 2017. We called it Plus because it acts as a connector between two people bringing them together. Maybe you will be able to find better and more solid metaphors. We would be very happy if you could work on our project :)

    —to avoid even the slightest associations with healthcare or religion;
    —not to use the beaten images of a like symbol or a heart;
    —if the name of the app is to be used in the logo, it has to be in English.

    (We want this to be an image, not just the name written in an interesting font. The text should simply be an addition to a graphic image. For example, the way it is done here: https://www.artlebedev.com/biologica/.)

    P.S. Overall, we don’t want to limit you in any way, we completely rely on your professional taste and experience.

    Designer: Boobs.

    Art director: I think their female users won’t be too happy about this.

    Designer: I couldn’t let this one go. A hook and intertwining.

    Art director: Wrong direction. I think they need a nice hipster +. You know, clean and material-design like.

    Art director: Yeah, something like 11.

    Designer: What about this?

    Art director: Just make sure the diagonal line looks like /, not like \.

    Art director: Go with 21 but put the blue arrow on top.

    Art director: No, blue below pink but on top of it.

    Art director: The shadow is excessive. And make sure to use a different typeface. And make the + thinner.

    Designer: You can’t see the hearts in this one, no?

    Art director: What if you make 44 the same width as 34?

    Designer: Now these ones.

    Art director: 51 is getting there.

    Art director: 53 has too much pharmacy in it. Let’s go this way.

    Designer: Whoosh.

    Art director: Like 57. Let’s replace blue with black and pink with something else.

    Art director: 72 but move the P more to the right.

    Art director: OK.