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Poligenko logo

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to create a logo for a family business.

Based in the Ukrainian city of Slavyansk and named after its founder Alexander Poligenko, the company has been producing beautiful ceramic ware for over 15 years. The logo created at the studio organically combines the grapheme of the Latin letter P with a silhouette of a cup with a saucer. The logo emphasizes the family affiliation of the company and distinguishes its products from competition.

Ukrainian and English versions of the logo
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The corporate identity is built around colorful strokes reminding of hand-painted ceramics. They can be taken from a prepared graphics set or simply made with a brush when needed.

Business set

Apart from the main logo, four alternative ones were created featuring different cup designs. Any of them can be easily reproduced by hand without losing their character which is why the style book allows to recreate the logo manually, for example on hand-painted ceramics.

Opening on combining strokes with the logo

The lively and expressive symbol looks great with no text on small and non-standard media.

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