The making of the Poligenko logo

Overview• Process

Starting to gather information about the task. The client produces ceramics. The company was founded by Alexander Poligenko and is now run by his son. The product range mostly includes mugs, cups and bowls. The company also manufactures products to order.

poligenko process 01

The client asks to embed family business associations into the logo. We need to make sure the logo can be used in small format given technical limitations, for example when drawn on mugs or impressed in clay.

Diving deep into the subject matter. Learning peculiarities of ceramics production. Looking at existing techniques and styles of ceramics painting.

poligenko process 02
poligenko process 03

Creating the first sketches. Searching for a nice combination of the company founder’s initials.

poligenko process 04

The art director chooses three potential directions. Elaborating them.

poligenko process 05

Considering how the style will be developing. Showing the ideas to the client.

poligenko process 06

The client makes the choice but asks to continue the search.

poligenko process 07

Still, the first design was the best. Deciding to go with it. Asking the type designer to write the name beautifully.

poligenko process 08

We also need to fine-tune the logo dynamics to match the letters.

poligenko process 09

While this is being done, taking paint and brushes and making random careless strokes. Photographing, choosing the best ones, testing and creating a set.

poligenko process 10

Photographing the media. Preparing files. Assembling the style guide.

poligenko process 11
poligenko process 12
poligenko process 13