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Task: to create templates for a website of an office supplies company.

For more than 10 years Pragmatic has been providing office supplies to large Russian companies. A new website for the company was designed at the studio. The result is an instrument that is equally convenient for an office manager who places an order and for a director who makes the payment.

pragmatic site main
The main page of the catalog
pragmatic site colors
Users can choose the color of the header

Every position in the catalog has a separate page with detailed information on the item.

pragmatic site product
A leather chair in detail

The account page has a prompt approval feature which allows to speed up the order by making management approval easier: a manager can see all orders and can approve, correct or decline them right away.

pragmatic site cabinet
The account page is always neat

When an employee in a distant company branch puts something in the cart, the boss at the main office can immediately see it.

pragmatic site cart
The cart

Release date: January 16 2012


art director
interface designers
technical director
beta tester
project manager

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