Promodo website templates

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Task: to create website templates for a company promoting businesses online.

Ukrainian company Promodo helps large and small businesses establish an online presence and offers a range of corresponding services including advertising, search optimization, promotion and analytics. A modern website for the company was created at the studio.

promodo main
The main page reflects all areas of work of the company

Visitors to the website are greeted by an animation explaining the idea behind the company’s “Stand out!” motto and a video about the company.

Why standing out pays off

Release date: January 19 2015


art director
project manager
The studio wishes to thank Alexander Kolb and Vladimir Medushivsky for their comprehensive help and direct participation in the project

A set of styles was created for existing and future sections of the website.

promodo client old
Pages with case studies contain recommendations on the design of large presentations with complex data

The company holds seminars regularly, so a convenient page with event information and a registration button was created.

promodo activity
Useful business meetings

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