The making of the Promodo website templates

Overview   Process  

Talking to the client, asking about the specifics of the business, creating a prototype based on scenarios for key users.

promodo process 01

Sketching a variant of the visual design for the main page.

promodo process 02

The art director does not accept our efforts. The designer goes on vacation and hands off the project to another designer.

promodo process 03

Art director: Too many straight angles. Everything has to be made over.

Looking for a different style. Something with rounded corners and a soft color scheme.

promodo process 04

The art director says OK. Showing to the client, gathering the feedback. The client wants a style that is more clear and laconic. Taking our search a step further. Showing two ideas this time. The first one is based on the company’s “Stand out!” metaphor and is represented by one element standing out of many. The second is about standing out at a molecular level.

promodo process 05

Discussing with the client, understanding that both ideas were a miss. The search continues.

Exploring several directions at once.

promodo process 06

Concentrating on the concept with an intro animation. Deciding that we should animate graphs since the client’s main tool and competitive advantage is professional analytical work.

Searching for visual solutions that would remain current by the time the website is launched.

promodo process 07

Getting the art director’s approval and showing to the client. The client accepts the overall concept but is alarmed by the sharp graph peaks. Interpolating the graphs. Creating the final animation in After Effects.

Time for the icons.

promodo process 08

Working on each internal page individually, carefully analyzing the client’s cases and creating a universal page to display them.

promodo process 09

Order a design...