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    Pulkovo Airport logo

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    Task: to design a logo for a new airport terminal.

    Pulkovo Airport is the third busiest airport in Russia. For the opening of the new terminal, the Studio designed a logo.

    Cyrillic and Latin versions of the logo

    The graphic portion of the logo resembles airplane tails and famous Saint Petersburg drawing bridges. It also looks a bit like the letter А—stands for airport, and Л (L)—for Leningrad. The Antiqua text reminds of the city’s Dutch roots and embodies its European spirit.

    The text portion of the logo beautifully marries roman and italic types

    Letters are irregular in shape and have different serifs on the left and right sides. Round letters have reverse contrast, ascenders are tall, and descenders are shortened. As a result, the type has a pronounced personality without turning into a display typeface. It looks like a body copy typeface and has many distinctive traits which become more evident in large point sizes.

    Release date: March 14 2014


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Aleksandr Strelkov
    Vladimir Pavlenko
    type designer
    Ksenia Erulevich
    Nikita Barinov
    project manager
    Elena Khokhrina
    Sources of inspiration on the water and in the air

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