The making of the Qubo-3 corporate identity

Overview   Process   Real Life  

With the working title Oxxi in mind we are trying to find the right mood for the style. Simultaneously, we also try to play with other names.

qubo3 process 01

The client decides on the name—it’s going to be Qubo. The art director suggests to add 3 at the end to symbolize the volume. Looking for associations, images, and rhymes for the name Qubo-3.

qubo3 process 02

Switching to vector drawings and continuing the search. Balls, hoops, sport, air, lightness, nature, molecules, cell division—we are trying our best to capture the right direction.

qubo3 process 03

First options are starting to show up that are adequate for our task.

qubo3 process 04

Ultimately we cut the short-list down to three items. Preparing them for demonstration to the client.

qubo3 process 05

The client likes the one with the letter Q that looks like a dividing cell. Trying this approach for ads and packaging, looking for a way to maintain clarity and naturality while keeping in line with the sport and health theme. Preparing presentation templates for the client.

qubo3 process 06

At the same time, thinking over the packaging.

qubo3 process 07

The packaging must not be bulky, should be easily assembled, be comfortable to carry and has to look good on store shelves. Trying out both simple and complex approaches.

qubo3 process 08

Experimenting with graphics, pictures and typefaces.

qubo3 process 09

After searching for a while we decide to settle on two options—a box and a bag. The art director asks to add a rabbit to bring in some informality.

qubo3 process 10

The client likes both options. Time for a photo shoot!

qubo3 process 11

We decide to “grow” the grass ourselves, not to burden the photographer. It will also make it easier to work with the different perspective of objects.

qubo3 process 12
qubo3 process rabbit

Returning to packaging. Trying out the sturdiness of the bracing, the handle, as well as different ways of assembly. Out of interest trying out not just the bag, but the box as well. The former turns out to be stronger and more stylish.

As we go, we come to understand that the packaging needs to be strengthened by additional “wings” that would hold the product.

qubo3 process 13

It becomes clear that we have overcomplicated the packaging. We decide to put the cushion in a pouch that will be tied to a side of the bag. Preparing the sewing pattern, assembling the brand book and sending to the press.

qubo3 process 14

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