RRR Front Back Remote Interface Project

Radiotehnika players is something we used to see when we were little—at home, at school, at our neighbors’ place.

Radiotehnika was founded in Riga in 1927 as an affiliate of the German Telefunken. The company overlived the USSR, the Beatles and other artists whose songs it used to play. Today Radiotehnika is involved in production of audio systems, loudspeakers, wood and metal casing for audio devices, printed circuit boards, electromechanical units and blocks. Among importers of Radiotehnika products are Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Australia, USA, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia.

Art. Lebedev studio started working with Radiotehnika RRR in 2001.

RRR, Radiotehnika, Rigonda, Riga–10, S–90, Abava… These names make many people feel nostalgic evoking good memories.

And at present Radiotehnika RRR brings to the market products that can become dear to the next generation.

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