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Problem: Create new design to with updated editorial policy.

Result: In two weeks the amount of time visitors stayed has grown by 60% (comparing to the previous version) and the number of inner pages viewed increased by 50%.

Rambler News is a stock of news in Russian that uses a special linguistic analysis tool to select news topics and distribute the flow of information. Rambler moderators pick out the pieces they believe might be of interest to the majority of readers and provide an overview of current politics, economic issues, social and other events in the world.

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Top news on front page

News stories on the front page are arranged into categories, which allows readers to get an overall picture of what’s happening in the world.

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Sciency and Technology section

Each article is accompanied by a list of related links, photographs and videos, and you can leave a comment.

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Article page

Release date: June 21 2010


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