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    Overview   Process  

    Having read the design brief and studied the new editorial project policy, we were to decide on the general feel of the website, from minimalist to loud and newsy.

    rambler process 1

    Seemed a bit timid, so we threw in some more nifty features.

    rambler process 2

    All the new distinguishing elements piled together. The type for web addresses there really hit the spot.

    rambler process 3

    What we created so far wouldn’t go well with the rest of the portal, so we had to make it simpler. More white space, yet the same visual and information density. Every section should look like the front page in miniature—readers should be able to see related topics, links to top news, users’ comments, and have easy access to other sections.

    rambler process 4

    Making it simpler still, until clearly arranged. Trying various designs for the header and menus.

    rambler process 5
    rambler process 6

    Simplicity won.

    rambler process 7

    When put together the website appeared somewhat sterile, so we added icons for media files.

    rambler process 8

    Working on the rest of templates and loads of small details.

    rambler process 9

    Order a design...