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Logo and visual identity for RBE Group

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Task: to develop a logo and visual identity for a diverse group of companies.

RBE Group is a Russian corporate group providing services in a number of different areas: cleaning, catering, food supply, IT, accounting, human resource management, and real estate. The group needed a unified corporate identity that would connect all lines of business, but still preserve and highlight the companies’ differences.

rbe logo
The group’s logo resembles a banner that serves to unite companies

Release date: June 07 2012


artistic director
art director
type designer
project manager

Each line of business has its own logo consisting of a graphic icon shared by all companies, and a text part unique for each line of business. The text colors are chosen by association: intense red—for IT, fresh green—for supply, clear blue—for cleaning, cheerful orange—for human resource management, and so on.

rbe logo options
Lines of business

The rules for proper use of the logos, as well as design of business documents and promotional materials are described in the corporate identity guidebook.

rbe card
A progressive business card

rbe cards
Business cards of all stripes

rbe guidelines options
Pages on abbreviations

rbe guidelines icons
Pages on icons for various business areas

rbe guidelines decor
Pages on the rules for decorating the logo

rbe presentation
Presentation slides

rbe documents

rbe stamp

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