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to create a website that won’t look like any other hospital website.

A legendary maternity home is located in the center of Saint Petersburg, on Furshtatskaya Street. It has been operating for 80 years, survived the war and the Siege and is located in a beautiful historic mansion.

A website that respectfully introduces the past and the present of the maternity home was designed at the studio.

An eloquent animation opens when the website is launched. The sequence of images is as follows: a night view of the Earth from space, oceans, countries, continents. Then a bird’s eye view of Saint Petersburg, the Neva river and street lights. We zoom in a little more, flying from space to one of the city’s streets and suddenly the building of the maternity home appears before us in all its glory.

The sequence illustrates the slogan of the home “We are not the first ones, we are the only ones” and hints at an interesting historical fact: a star was named in honor of the home.

rd2 innerpages

The website is conveniently laid out: it has five large sections describing the services it offers and a detailed list of sub-services inside each section.

Next to each service is its price (other websites slyly hide it in a separate tab, so users first have to memorize which services they need, then tediously search for them in the price list).


The main element of the website’s design is a beautiful drawing of the maternity home. There is a young father on the façade on a metal cable with a bouquet, knocking on the window of a room. The drawing is interactive: clicking a floor will open a gallery of its photos.

rd2 building

In all sections dedicated to services the building illustration is located at the very bottom of the page and subtly hints at what services are located on which floor.

A large section of the website is devoted to the employees. Each has their own page with a biography, photos, answers to questions and feedback from patients. From time to time, elegant frames appear around the pictures.

rd2 team

A beautiful page tells the story of the maternity home. The changing photographs allow to follow how the building grew and changed throughout its long history.

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