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  • The making of the Furshtatskaya Street Maternity Home website

    Overview• Process

    Visiting the client, looking at the maternity home.

    rd2 process 1

    Studying the existing website.

    rd2 process 2

    Deciding to use the home’s building as the core of the concept. Implementing the idea using a couple of key pages.

    rd2 process 3

    The art director approves the concept. Preparing a video presentation and showing it to the client.

    The client asks to change the colors to brighter ones and offers the clinic’s existing advertising materials as potential reference points.

    rd2 process 4

    Adapting the color schemes to the concept. Preparing several versions of the pages.

    rd2 process 5

    Client: Overall, we like the combination of emerald and gold, but the top of the page just doesn’t impress us.

    Testing designs with fabric, gold and pictures of people.

    rd2 process 7
    rd2 process 6

    Client: Can you come up with a couple of completely different designs? The current concept does not excite us.

    Trying to start from scratch and offering several new designs.

    rd2 process 8

    The client likes the ideas with the fly in and the building’s history. Taking the first one as the primary one and deciding to include the home’s history in a separate section.

    Starting to draw the building. Looking at the house and the surroundings.

    rd2 process 9

    Deciding on the angle, drawing, working on the details.

    rd2 process 10

    Next, starting to draw the mock-ups.

    rd2 process 11

    Working on the adaptive design.

    rd2 process 12

    Typesetting, fixing bugs.

    rd2 process 13

    Launching the website.