Redigo website templates

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Task: to create templates for a website for travelers.

Redigo allows potential tourists to choose a travel destination. All that’s necessary to make an informed decision—texts about weather conditions, on getting a visa, on shopping, transportation, accommodation, holidays, cuisine, restaurants, parks—is already there. The website is richly illustrated with photographs and has an assistant that will help choose a destination for the next trip.

redigo mainpage
The main page

When the website was launched, it had stories about almost 7 000 places in 82 countries. The list is updated every day.

redigo finland

The website helps to pick a travel destination and tells what to do there.

redigo tomatina
La Tomatina in Spain
redigo gallery
Gay pride parade in Amsterdam

Redigo is especially helpful for those travelers who can’t bear the thought of visiting Turkey or Egypt again.

Release date: October 24 2011


art director
chief typesetter
type designers
technical director
project managers
interface designer
Denis Schepotin
The studio wishes to thank Aleksander Buynevich and Arsen Petrosyan for their help with the project

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