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  • The making of the Redigo website templates

    Overview   Process  

    The website will need pages short and long, with pictures and with text, with ads and without. So we create a “skewer” website allowing us to put on exactly what we need.

    redigo process 01

    Trying out the navigation and deciding on the appearance.

    The Places page needs additional navigation by point of interest types. Looking for a suitable layout.

    Tramping down the first screens.

    Designing the travel destination adviser.

    Making a photo album.

    Deciding on how the tour search should function.

    Right before launching the website we add the “Whole World” window which users can use to travel to different countries and cities.

    Here you have Africa, Europe, France, Paris. Three clicks without reloading the page is all it takes to move to a different city or a different country.

    redigo process 05 01

    Order a design...