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    Refinish Autolak website

    Overview   Process  

    [This work is in the museum]

    Task: to create a colorful website.

    The website is designed both for beginners who are about to repaint their car for the first time and experienced professionals who do it every day in their workshops.

    Main page

    The centerpiece of the website is the online store where customers can purchase painting equipment and car repair accessories.

    Product catalog

    Each product pages contains a brief description of a product with its large photograph as well as a list of recommended supplementary products and user reviews.

    Product page

    Release date: October 29 2014


    art director
    Sergey Kulinkovich
    Ivan Vaschenko
    Daniil Melkikh
    Andrey Maykov
    technical writers
    Ilya Brovkin
    Anna Naymushina
    technical director
    Vladimir Tokmakov
    Albert Iblyaminov
    Evgeny Shiryaev
    Pavel Glukhovskov
    Aleksandr Shumov
    beta tester
    Dmitry Muratov
    content managers
    Anna Rybakova
    Sergey Dmitriev
    Aleksandr Nosikov
    project managers
    Petr Afanasev
    Elena Lebedeva
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