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Refinish Autolak spectrophotometer design

Task: to design an ergonomic device for determining color.

Refinish Autolak sells all kinds of paints for cars and car body repair equipment.

Choosing paint for a used car is not an easy task: over time, the original coating wears out. If you need to replace a quarter panel for example, you can’t simply paint it in the original factory color as it will visibly stand out. Usually, professionals painstakingly search for the right shade by mixing colors and making test applications. But there is another option, to use a spectrophotometer.

spektrofotometr 01

The device solves the problem with ease: simply put it to the car and it will give out a color code. Now you just need to punch this code into a paint mixing machine to have the desired shade prepared.

To make sure the color fits perfectly, measurements are taken on different parts of the car, for example on the hood, the roof and a back door, and then averaged. Maybe the car was always parked under a tree or by a fence: in this case, the paint would lose its color unevenly. For ease of use, the device is designed in a way that makes it easy to use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Before the spectrophotometer can be used, it has to be calibrated. This can be done using a special true white ceramic disc attached to the device (you can’t calibrate using paper, nothing good will come out).

During calibration and determining the color code, lights on the device in the shape of a progress bar light up one by one. Just looking at them makes the heart fill with joy.

spektrofotometr 02

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Made in 78 days
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