• Graphic design
  • Corporate identity for Respublika trade center and residential estate

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to come up with a name and corporate identity for a real estate development project.

    Respublika is a trade center and a nearby residential estate currently under construction in Kiev. The center will house a grocery supermarket, a furniture quarter, fashion stores and various entertainment facilities. The name, slogan and all elements of the corporate identity for the center were created at the studio.

    respublika logo
    The logo: simple and clean

    The logo comes in two variants.

    respublika logo solid
    The solid version

    Release date: June 08 2012


    art director
    type designer
    chief typesetter
    project managers

    The studio wishes to thank Victoria Andreevskaya, Marina Ivleva and Anna Popruga

    Corporate colors of Respublika are mustard yellow, purple, black and white.

    respublika flags
    The flags are placed throughout the entire territory of the complex
    respublika facade
    Facade design

    Trade center navigation system is simple and clear. It is easy to see where to go and for how long.

    respublika navigation
    Auchan is the closest

    Advertising materials make use of bright images and cheerful themes.

    respublika billboard
    On a billboard

    respublika booklet
    Printed advertising

    Cutouts and stickers on corporate documents match the shape of the logo.

    respublika identity
    Business papers

    The design of business cards is more laconic and uses graphics and thoughts about happiness.

    respublika cards
    Everyone’s happiness is unique

    A set of corporate souvenirs was also developed.

    respublika badges
    Recognizable pins

    The brand book provides detailed information on the correct use of the elements of the corporate identity.

    respublika brandbook
    respublika brandbook colors
    respublika brandbook logos
    respublika brandbook logo
    respublika brandbook typography
    Openings about everything

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