• Graphic design
  • The making of the corporate identity for Respublika trade center and residential estate

    Overview   Process  

    Studying the target audience, understanding the needs and desires of potential buyers of apartments and visitors to the trade center. Creating characters which we will use for all our future work.

    Analyzing the logos of existing Kiev trade centers.

    Similarly working with housing estates and starting to think about the name. Creating the first mood boards.

    We don’t stop and come up with 150 more ideas.

    Trying the better ideas on our characters. Most of the names drop out naturally. Showing the short list to the client.

    The truth is born in the dialogue, we settle on the name Respublika. The slogan “Happiness is near” is also created right at the meeting.

    Making the first approach to the logo.

    Not forgetting about the monochrome variants.

    The search goes on.

    And on.

    There’s no stopping us.

    And then some.

    Choosing a perspective approach and developing it.

    We get the idea to create a “live” logo where the position of the elements would be constant, but the writing of the letters is different every time.

    Trying out the logo on various media.

    Working with the small forms.

    Simultaneously realizing another idea.

    Embedding the idea of a “live” line into the style. The line twists and turns, changes its appearance and position.

    Assembling it all together and showing to the client. The client approves all the alternatives, but due to contingencies they will have to be redeveloped. Realizing that only one of the proposed solutions will satisfy the revised requirements.

    Finding the hidden potential in the logo.

    Drawing a massive version, recognizable in the multitude of competitors’ logos.

    And trying it out again.

    Working on the sign and the type.

    Creating a new style element—phrases about happiness.

    Designing navigation elements. Outside:

    And inside:

    Deciding on the appearance of business cards.

    Creating the letterhead.

    Rendering architectural forms.

    Finally we can sit down.

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