• Graphic design
  • The making of the Restoraids website logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: restoraids.com is a website with current information on discounts, promotions, gifts, tastings and celebrations in cafés, bars, restaurants and other establishments.

    RestoRaids (for users). Promotional events presented on the website are called Raids. Customers can save money by “raiding” restaurants.

    RestorAids (for restaurants). At the same time, the project helps (aids) restaurants by increasing the number of customers and profits. Restaurants can manage the information about their promotions on restoraids.com.

    With no real reason, the project has had a tomato as its logo. For a while, messages in the project’s Telegram channel at https://t.me/restoraids (now used to notify of the most bombastics raids in Moscow) were signed by the name Tomato. Recently the channel’s subscribers voted (https://t.me/restoraids/526) for a tomato emoji to be used to like posts. It’s likely the project is already associated with a tomato, but if you have other images that would better reflect the concept of the project, I have nothing against using them.

    In any case, we would like to show two different ways to write the name of the project for different audiences: RestoRaids and RestorAids.

    First designer: Well, a tomato for bombastic events.

    restoraids process 01

    Art director: Let’s go with 3, with two names as the customer asked.

    Second designer: On many tomato-inspired logos the vegetable is drawn from the side. If we are to look at it from the top, we can see something that looks like a cartoon explosion. Well, bombastic events.

    The green thingy usually has five or six petals, which makes it pretty much a star. We can use an outline to show how bombastic an event is.

    restoraids process 02

    First designer: Haha, I drew similar things but didn’t like mine. Yours are cool though, especially 1.2.

    restoraids process 03

    First designer: Here’s what I suggest: a bombastic event in the making—a bombastic event ended. And we can animate the transition.

    restoraids process 04

    Art director: Really cool, I suggest we do this.