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Ridus corporate identity

Overview   Process  

Task: to design a brand name, logo, and corporate identity for a civil journalism agency.

Ridus is a news project and civil journalism agency with a mission to present the full picture of events to the public by collecting information from a variety of independent sources. All materials are created by witnesses of events, prepared in-house, or hand-picked from blogs and social networks. Our studio made a brand name and logo for the project and developed a corporate identity as well.

ridus identity logo
A symbol of lightning-fast reporter’s work

ridus identity logo mono
Monochrome logo version

The guidelines are developed and set for manipulations with logo and other elements of the company style.

ridus identity guidelines 1
Logo against full-color background
ridus identity guidelines 2
Style guide on the corporate palette
ridus identity bottom
Sample of 3-D ribbons use

ridus identity life
People in uniform on duty

Release date: July 25 2011


artistic director
art director
type designer
technical designer
secret advisor
project managers

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