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Task: to create a website for a citizen journalism agency.

Ridus is both a mass medium with editorial staff and a platform for citizen journalism. The content for the website is provided by people from around the world. Anyone can write an article that can get to the front page.

ridus site main
Readers benefit from an in-depth coverage of events, while reporters get access to thousands of readers

All news pieces are assembled into stories.

ridus site subject
A clear overview

The News Abyss is the part of the website for publishing non-editorial news articles. The readers themselves decide what deserves attention. The hottest pieces are published on the main page.

ridus site news
Where information lives

Release date: October 18 2011


artistic director
art director
technical designers
secret adviser
beta tester
project manager

The website is managed using Imprimatur I (Java) proprietory technology

The Ridus website receives a huge volume of information from various sources. To manage it, an internal editorial task management and monitoring system was created. The system is based on Imprimatur proprietory technology and is integrated in the website. The architecture of the solution allows to balance the load across multiple servers.

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