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to create a friendly tool for searching for apartments in new developments.

Choosing a new apartment without screwing up isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are tens of thousands of offers from various developers. Metro cars, billboards and websites are full of advertising screaming “Great residential complex, apartments from 2 to 12 million rubles” as if people buy entire complexes, not apartments with very specific properties. At the same time, the price of a mistake can be tremendous: the buyers and their children will live in the apartment for many years to come.

Before today, there was no easy way to compare offers from various developers by different parameters.

Rumetr, a system that sheds light onto the real estate market and helps make the right choice, was developed at the studio. Every day, Rumetr collects offers from the largest developers and presents them in an easy to compare way.

The developer database is constantly growing

Rumetr allows to quickly evaluate the housing market, create a list of the most interesting offers and compare them by different parameters.

Moscow’s new developments on a map. Other cities to follow

The façade picture mode allows to see architectural features of the residential complexes.

Cards of apartments that have defined floor plans are supplemented with 3D models which allow to look at the property from any angle and even “walk” through the rooms.

Users can add the apartments they liked to their favorites list, compare them and discuss with friends and relatives.

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Shortlisted two-bedroom apartments under 8 000 000 rubles, sorted by area, price, price per square meter and floor

Even after conducting a careful study of the market and the filling the favorites list with all the enticing offers, the future buyer still has questions. Which developer is better? Apartment or suite? What the total area should be? Which floor is the best to live on?

Rumetr contains detailed, easy to read and beautifully illustrated articles with answers to all questions of the future real estate owners.

Choosing the floor

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All changes are recorded in the database. In the future this will allow users to follow price changes and professionals to conduct competitive analyses and follow market trends.

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