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  • The making of Rumetr real estate database

    Overview• Process

    The idea.

    Adding the favorites list.

    Sorting is not enough, implementing filters.

    An idea of articles is born.

    Showing a simple placeholder while the website is being developed.

    Starting to put the system together.

    Property card sketch.

    Adding social network authorization.

    Inventing advertising formats.

    Fixing errors.

    Starting to populate the database.

    After the first 20 000 apartments, coming to an understanding that we will have to normalize data. Populating the application with robots that will remove purchased apartments and find anomalies such as extremely low prices, unusual number of rooms or unrealistic floor area.

    Our table should not be slower than an Excel spreadsheet. Spending some time on optimization: fine-tuning the ORM, moving out the frequently used data into a NoSQL database. Voilà: it takes 150 milliseconds to output a list of 150 developments and three seconds for the full page to load.

    Designing the concept of the platform which will allow developers and real estate agents quickly publish information about their properties: upload apartment specifications, photographs, floor plans, project descriptions and any other documents.

    Continuing to develop the website.