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Corporate identity for Russian North vodka

Overview   Process  

Task: to design a corporate identity for vodka

Russian North is a new brand of vodka coming in three flavors: Classic, Cranberry, and Taiga. We’ve created the brand name, developed the logo, visual identity, and bottle designs.

russian north identity logo
Logo is adorned with traditional northern motifs

russian north identity compass
A supporting role in style-building is assigned to a compass with an arrow permanently pointing to the Russian North

Release date: November 10 2011


artistic director
art director
technical designers
Maksim Milko
Olga Pozharova
type designers
project managers

Each flavor gets its own color.

russian north identity options
Color-coded flavors

russian north identity label
Front and back labels are frosted with corporate pattern

russian north identity cap
To cork up the chill we frosted the cap with the same “iced window” pattern

The style handbook contains all the necessary guidelines for the use of the new corporate identity.

russian north identity brandbook
Pages from the style handbook describing the proper use of corporate colors

The original idea behind the Russian North bottle is in its unconventional facets refracting the light. The bottom is embossed with a compass to protect you from knock-offs. The “frosted window” pattern shimmers from the inside of the bottle out, making Russian North stand out on store shelves as in its private spotlight.

russian north identity bottles
The bottle design truly shines thanks to all the style elements playing together

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