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     [The project is in the museum]

    Task: to create a website about the advantages of insuring at Russian Standard.

    Russian Standard Insurance is the leading provider of voluntary life insurance for loan borrowers. The company also provides other services that compensate for the effects of adverse life circumstances.

    russianstandard insurance main
    The main page

    The visitors are invited to read the terms of insurance programs, choose, register and pay for a policy online.

    russianstandard insurance kids
    Policy page

    There are no irritating asterisks on forms on the website. Instead, the forms themselves suggest what fields remain to be filled.

    russianstandard insurance pay
    Policy payment form

    Release date: September 26 2011


    art director
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    technical director
    project manager

    The website is managed using Imprimatur I proprietary technology.

    The website uses multiple domain functionality of Imprimatur I. The website has two versions accessible at two different addresses. Both of them are managed through a single management system, have common templates and the information displayed depends on which domain was visited.

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