The making of the intranet for the Russian Standard reference and information center

Overview   Process  

Looking at the tool currently used by the bank’s employees.

russianstandard intranet process 01

Operators need to quickly respond to clients’ queries regarding all kinds of issues, so the main page content must be cleverly organized. Thinking through user scenarios. Dividing the website into four sections and putting the most important links on the main page.

russianstandard intranet process 02

Deciding to center our attention on the search. Putting currency rates and calculating tools on the main page to speed up calculations. Using color coding to improve readability. Simplifying the grid by changing the number of columns to three.

russianstandard intranet process 03

Why does the logo occupy so much space? An internal corporate website can do without it. Deciding to use the space more effectively. Replacing the logo with a small header. Discovering that no one uses the panel to switch between sections. Transforming it into a dropdown menu. Optimizing the main page content and abridging it. Adding a corporate news section.

russianstandard intranet process 04

Trying to make the site less tiring for the eyes. Getting rid of bright colors. Once again rearranging the content and reducing the number of links.

russianstandard intranet process 05

Working on internal pages. Designing a simple easy-to-use calculator. At the same time, adding a tad of the corporate red color.

russianstandard intranet process 06

The website contains many documents that are constantly updated. On document pages users can switch between different editions; changes are highlighted in the text.

russianstandard intranet process 07

Designing eye-catching alerts to notify employees about important changes.

russianstandard intranet process 08

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