Russian Standard bank mobile website

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Task: to make all important functionality of the desktop website available on mobile devices.

The mobile version of the website presents the most popular bank services in a light and compact format that saves traffic. Main sections of the website, exchange rates and contact details of the bank’s information center are all available on the main page.

rsb mobile main
Full site map is hidden behind the navigation element in the top right corner. Only the essential items are displayed on the main screen

rsb mobile classic
To make sure users don’t have to open the main menu too often, the footer of each screen includes links related to the current section. For example, card holders are often interested in discounts, offers and other bank cards

rsb mobile discount
The Discount Club screen includes all currently available partner offers which will be helpful while shopping with the phone in one hand

Release date: June 11 2015


art director
technical designer
beta tester
project managers

The website is managed using Imprimatur I proprietary technology

The studio wishes to thank Zhanna Sokolova for her help with the project

russianstandart girl

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