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    Overview   Process  

    Getting all the information from the client, studying the brand book, understanding the application process and applying for a card.

    Making the first attempt.

    virtualcard process 01

    The art director suggests we sell the card right on main page. Designing the application form.

    virtualcard process 02

    We get the idea to use the shape of the logo as a background for the header.

    virtualcard process 03

    Trying out animation.

    virtualcard process 04

    Showing to the client, making corrections. Approving the concept. Starting to draw the inner pages and the application form.

    virtualcard process 05

    While the website is under construction, we put up a landing page.

    virtualcard process 06

    Designing error pages.

    virtualcard process 07

    Working on icons and patterns.

    virtualcard process 08

    Fixing bugs.

    virtualcard process 09

    Launching the website.

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