Andrey Tkachenko's Secret Garage art book

Task: to design an art book.

Secret Garage is a project that shows what our world could have looked like if history took a different turn. Fantasies about retro cars, mods and customs inspired by Soviet science fiction and the aesthetics of that era are parts of the alternate universe created by the artist Andrey Tkachenko.

The cars of the Secret Garage are collected in the atmospheric art book. The cover is a tool bed with recesses simulated with pleasant embossing. The contents page invites the reader to explore the most interesting objects, the automobiles themselves.

tkachenko first 01 v3
tkachenko first 02 v2

The works are presented using the cinematic technique of multiscreen where the general view is supplemented by inserts with views of interesting details.

Color schemes of spreads match basic colors of the illustrations making them look striking and coherent and ensuring no two pages look the same.

tkachenko second 01 v2
tkachenko second 02 v2

Each car has a backstory that sets the mood and immerses the reader even deeper into the atmosphere.

Title typefaces are inspired by the Soviet typography. They work well to reflect the spirit of the era while at the same time looking modern and stylish.

“Retro” photographs are used in half titles, depicting the world that the cars inhabit.

tkachenko third 01 v3
tkachenko third 02 v3
tkachenko third 03 v3
tkachenko third 04 v3

Andrey Tkachenko is a self-tought artist. His passion and the main theme of his art are vintage Soviet cars and fantasies about the bygone era. Automobiles, robots and other fantastic mechanisms form the artist’s own alternate version of the USSR that never existed.

Andrey’s works can be viewed on his Instagram page.


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Made in 41 days
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