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    Task: To introduce the project in the most appealing way.

    The Shtokman project is for development of the Shtokman gas and condensate field in the Barents Sea. The program encompasses the entire cycle from research to processing and transportation. New phases of this project will be launching over the next seven years in the North part of Russia. The site's front page demonstrates the geographical location of the offshore gas field and gas transportation lines for distribution in Russia and Europe.

    shtokman site main
    A good global perspective of the project scale

    The main element of the project is an arctic offshore gas extraction complex with a floating production platform of the ship style.

    shtokman offshore
    The offshore facilities page with tons of details about this complex

    Another important part of the project is people collaboration. The site's task is to get more qualified people involved. Potential job seekers are getting their future job description through exciting pie-charts.

    shtokman career
    Charts: books, career steps, and infrastructure elements

    Release date: December 07 2010


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