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    Overview   Process  

    Choosing infographics for the backbone of the site. First sketches of the front page.

    Laying out other pages with infographics.

    Evolution of the offshore gas extracting complex illustration.

    “Logistics” section illustrations development.

    “Participating Russian companies” section typography.

    Books photosession for the “careers” section.

    Modeling and rendering the rest of the elements.

    Drawing the icons.

    Returning to the front page. Thinking about stretching a flat map on a sphere to make a globe. Testing the idea. While we are at it, experimenting with colors, volumes, borders, and such.

    The resulting layout goes to technologists.

    Designing the rest of the unique pages.

    At this point the customer requests Earth to be photo realistic. Checking it out.

    Creating Earth in 3D and polishing it.

    Working on an alternative front page to show up while the main one is busy downloading the globe.

    Animating a gas pipe frame-by-frame.

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