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    to create a logo for a Russian electrical company.

    There is a company called System Integration and Power Engineering, they are engaged in “development of automated control systems for technological processes and power supply for industrial enterprises” (sounds like a tongue-twister).

    They asked us to develop a logo rich in meanings: technological, laconic, serious, referencing their professional activity, full of bright colors and memorable at first sight.

    sipe logo ru

    Discarding all variants with a lightning (if someone thinks it’s easy to come up with an energy-related logo without a lightning symbol, we can’t even begin to explain how wrong they are), drawing an abstract energy-related logo.

    Putting the letters from the company’s name in the center, painting everything in bright but strict colors and testing the result on souvenirs.

    sipe docs

    Bingo! We have a strict but bright logo that conveys the essence of the company’s business and can be easily recognized.

    sipe gloves

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