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Sky Park shopping center logo

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Task: to design a logo for a shopping center.

Sky Park is the new name of a popular shopping center in Vinnytsia, Ukraine that needed a rebranding. The mall’s new logo was designed in the Studio.

sky park logo
The swan in the logo plays up the name, as it embodies both the sky and the earth

sky park logo black
Cyrillic black-and-white version

The rules for using the logo are fully described in the guidebook.

sky park brandbook colors
Double-page spread on corporate colors

The color versions of the logo are meant for special occasions, such as seasonal promotions and special events.

sky park brandbook seasons
Double-page spread on the seasonal versions of the logo

Release date: February 15 2013


art director
technical designer
type designer
project managers
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Ruslan Narolsky and Roman Lazarev for their assistance with the project

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