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The making of the SkyPark logo

Overview   Process   Real Life  

Starting with a trip to Vinnytsia.

sky park process 01

Meeting the client, visiting the shopping center and its rivals, grasping the task.

sky park process 02

In the last eight years, the old name Magicenter has blended with the others: new malls with names starting with mega and magi have appeared. The mall has grown, and its image doesn’t match its essence anymore. It’s hard to believe that luxury boutiques can be found behind this sign.

sky park process 03

Identifying the target audience. Realizing that here we have to cherchez la femme, as 65% of the visitors are women. The logo has to be stylish and trendy but without cheap tricks and fake luxury. Starting to look for ideas reflecting the location and name of the mall.

sky park process 04

Developing the most promising ideas.

Realizing that a swan is a good image, as it embodies the concepts of park, sky, class and transformation.

sky park process 05

Easily coming up with the right image.

sky park process 06

Trying it on.

sky park process 07
sky park process 08
sky park process 09

Quite good. Moving on.

Seeking inspiration in the fountain in the Park of Culture and Leisure.

sky park process 10

We’ll do without it.

Let’s try depicting the mall's central location—between the park and the city’s central street. Looking for the center.

sky park process 11

Looks like a decoration and a snowflake at the same time. Maybe like this?

sky park process 12

To the dressing room.

sky park process 13

OK. Let’s now think about comfort. About a place to meet friends and stroll aimlessly.

sky park process 14

A bench, that’s it! A point of intersection between a park and a cozy shopping center.

sky park process 15

It could be an interesting concept.

sky park process 16
sky park process 19
sky park process 20

Coming to a halt. It’s time to show the sketches to the client. He likes all ideas, but the female audience unanimously votes for the swan. Approving the concept and working on the letters.

sky park process 17

Describing the rules for using the logo in the guidebook.

sky park process 18

Order a design...