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SOK Group corporate booklet

The SOK Group is one of Russia’s largest management companies.

The A4 format booklet contains 88 pages. The booklet was designed in an industrial graphic style. Every double page is unique

The booklet pages are illustrated with industrial graphics: sockets, gears, strips, bolts, collets, worm gears, connecting links. The images are a complex combination of photography and graphics: studio designers processed several hundred photos to complete the booklet.

While working on the booklet, Art. Lebedev Studio designers broadened their technical expertise: for example, they learned that Autonormal Works produces not auto normals, but bolts, nuts, shims, pins, springs, screws, retaining rings, ball pins, rivets and ball valve oilers

The SOK Group is managing over 40 different enterprises producing cars and car engines, plastic parts, bolts, nuts, springs, car dashboards, cash registers, heat meters, high precision molded and pressed forms from different types of steel and non-ferrous metals, lighting equipment, hydraulic shock absorbers, window lifts, household and industrial electric tools, motorcycles, metal working machines, truck trailers, microwave ovens, grain harvesters, window frames, mineral water and lemonades; constructing housing and industrial buildings; developing oil deposits; promoting and selling Russian cars; providing car maintenance and tuning services; selling furniture, construction materials; providing insurance services and pursuing other activities. The SOK Group’s corporate booklet contains reference information on each of these enterprises.

Pages 30–31

Pages 42–43

All the texts were translated into English by Art. Lebedev Studio.

Release date: March 20 2003


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