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• Overview
Task: to create a website for a park.

Release date: December 10 2015

Sokolniki is one of the largest parks in Europe and the oldest recreational area in Moscow. Exciting events happen at the park every day. Today, it is home to cafés and playgrounds, workshops and exhibitions, campaigns and presentations. To help visitors choose which places and events to visit and find out the little-known facts about the park, an official website for Sokolniki was created at the studio.

Relevant announcements are updated seasonally
Website design changes with the season and on special occasions


Since today the park has over a hundred objects, an entire block of useful filters was created on the Recreation and Entertainment page. Landmarks and events are filtered by name, type, popularity, work hours and the required level of activity. The latter is coded with a slider that goes from a tortoise to a hare.

Activities for all ages

A special card was created for each object with information on its location, hours, admission price, brief description and a list of main features.

Lilac café
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre
Ice Skating Ring
Skiing and Snowboard Simulators

All important locations are plotted on an interactive map that shows only filtered results.

About the park

A special section contains facts about the park’s nature, its past and future, as well as the latest news and information about park management.

The historical block includes illustrations that capture the spirit of specific time periods in the history of the park. The period from the 15th to the 18th century is represented by paintings, while from the 1930s on black and white photographs start to appear.

About Sokolniki

Live broadcast from 38 cameras installed in the park shows what it looks like today.

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