Solnechny corporate identity

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to create a bright and modern corporate identity.

Solnechny is a family-friendly shopping and entertainment center in Tyumen which helps easily accomplish everything planned for the weekend: buy groceries, household goods and appliances, update wardrobe, watch a movie and have fun with friends. A cheerful corporate identity was created for Solnechny at the studio.

solnechny logo
Primary version of the logo

The logo combines three letters C that symbolize the main features of the shopping center: the dotted line stands for shopping, the wavy line represents entertainment and the straight line is for relaxation.

solnechny docs
Important documents

The lines of the logo were used to create emotional elements of the corporate style. Rules for the use of the logo and the graphics are assembled in a guide.

solnechny bb min
Opening of the guide on the minimal dimensions of the logo

solnechny bb colors
Opening of the guide on colors

Ornaments made of recognizable lines open space for creativity in decorating various media.

solnechny bag
Gift bag

solnechny city
Event announcement

solnechny car
Branded vehicle

solnechny kid

artistic director

art director


type designer

project manager