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Sotbi augmented reality app

Task: to immerse the viewer in a crazy work environment.

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Every day a lot of non-trivial events happen at Sotbi: odd cases come up, fantastic tasks are set and unprecedented solutions are found. The augmented reality app demonstrates the oddity of corporate workdays. To start it, simply point the smartphone at the last spread of the printed presentation.


The pixel superhero who was a lawyer in real life turned into a powerful Hulk. And now no one, including the viewer, can hide from him.

Façade advertising on a huge skyscraper demonstrates current job openings at Sotbi. Just click on the phone number to make a phone call to the company.

The Sotbi building is bright and huge. It may look like any other building in real life, but in the app it is the most important place on Earth.

Fantastic trees of unreal beauty make you forget about green. But Sotbi cares about green too, they just store it in neat stacks in a safe.

A bee flies in psychedelic flowers, carrying a piece of cucumber between its legs. It’s just as busy and hungry (for new discoveries) as Sotbi itself.

The entire Earth, the country, the capital and the Luzhinki district are supported (as has been known from the ancient times) by three elephants, a tortoise and Artemy Lebedev.

Turbulence makes some of the papers take shape of supersonic planes. The tornado is held only by the ring with the address of the office.

While proper craziness takes place on Earth contained only by the efforts of Sotbi employees, other planets remain relatively calm.

In addition to exploring the surrounding insanity, smartphone users have a very specific task, to find the five hiding debtors.

The app works only on iPhones and iPads.


To start working with the app (hmm, it really is work for some people) you need to point the smartphone at the picture of the map. Those lucky enough to receive the printed Sotbi presentation can use the original instead.

After finding all characters, the screen literally explodes with reclaimed money.

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