The making of the Sparta condoms corporate identity

Overview   Process  

All right, let’s start. We need to create packaging for condoms named Sparta. The image comes to us right away: Greece, horses, vases, running men. A picture is born: a bunch of ancient dudes with clay crocks possessed with lust are running to make love.

sparta process 01

Art director: OK.

Sketching some Greek letters.

sparta process 02

Considering other solutions besides the running men. Shields and spears, knives, laurel wreaths...

sparta process 03

Showing to the client.

sparta process 04
sparta process 05
sparta process 06

The client chooses the runners. Fine. Let’s go on. Inviting the illustrator to join us. Her task is to draw cool Greek dudes, just like on antique vases.

Working on the characters. The designer explains to the illustrator what needs to be changed.

sparta process 08

Trying it all on the boxes. Coming up with color coding of the ranges.

sparta process 09

Continuing to work on the boxes. What should the sides look like? To make sure the boxes look well on the shelf, adding color to the sides.

sparta process 10

Drafting individual blister packs.

sparta process 11

Turns out technical difficulties do not allow us to print blisters in color. Offering a monochrome alternative.

sparta process 12
sparta process 13

Ultimately, the alternative was not required: the color version was printed.

Polishing and finalizing the packaging.

sparta process 14

Drawing the instructions.

sparta process 15
sparta process 16

Done, sending to print.

Order a design...