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    The making of the Spetskabel catalog templates

    Overview• Process

    Studying the existing catalog.

    Asking the client how people use the catalog, which information is important and which isn’t.

    Creating the approximate structure. Starting to arrange information.

    Testing landscape orientation with side navigation.

    Classifying information, drawing icons, working on the structure. Some of the discovered solutions make their way into the final version.

    Redrawing the icons, trying to introduce tags for quick access to the information.

    Typesetting additional pages and the cover, assembling the presentation and showing to the client.

    Receiving comments. While making adjustments, we get the idea to implement color coding. The idea looks viable.

    Trying it out and getting the client’s approval.

    All that’s left is to divide everything in groups and find colors. Getting a list of all cables.

    Creating the typeface, implementing the system in the catalog.