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Spetskabel identity 2.0


Spetskabel develops, tests and manufactures cables of various types and is actively engaged in import substitution and mastering modern technologies. In 2016, we created a powerful image for the company. Now it’s time for an update: the new identity further develops the previously found successful visual solutions.

The new identity makes use of two-dimensional elements, inviting to look at the organization from a different angle. Everything looks tighter and neater.

The encircled star is both about protecting the product from external factors and making it available to the consumer.

Dynamic waves

The main elements of the identity are waves in the company’s signature colors which multiply when necessary and effectively cover the entire available space. Spetskabel’s products behave in the same way.

The company’s corporate colors are burgundy, yellow and white.

An entire sea of waves reflects the gigantic production volume and emphasizes the size of the enterprise.

This graphic element visually unifies all branded media.

spetskabel identity2 final
spetskabel identity2 final mobile

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