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  • The making of the Olympic Games section for Sport 24 website

    Overview• Process

    Preparing to receive a flood of news from the Olympic Games, the website’s editors want to create a special section for them. It is important to design the section in a way that would allow to later use it for any other major sporting events.

    Starting to work. After sketching the structure of Olympic events we decide to use the event format as the starting point.

    sport24 process 01

    Which is to say that the Olympic Games can be seen as a big tournament with lots of microtournaments (medal competitions).

    Suggesting the first designs. Putting together a prototype to check the hypothesis. Deciding to add more Olympic symbols to the visual style and creating a background.

    sport24 process 02

    The logic seems to work well but visually this is too removed from the style of the existing website. Deciding to remove the background but keep the illustrations.

    The illustrations go to the technical designer. Starting to draw and search for the style. Talking to the client to discuss the prototype and future content of the section.

    sport24 process 03

    The structure comes out as follows: overview, events calendar, medal table, articles, heroes.

    sport24 process 04

    Choosing formats for each entity.

    sport24 process 05

    Preparing the first variants of the illustrations.

    sport24 process 06

    Not what we need. The technical designer continues the search.

    Meanwhile, the typesetting begins. Making changes in place without drawing any more mock-ups.

    sport24 process 07

    The technical designer sends in a nice design for the cover of the section’s main page.

    sport24 process 08

    Deciding to keep it on all first-level pages. Sketching graphics for other sections.

    sport24 process 09

    Drawing icons for various sports.

    sport24 process 10

    Continuing to fix the layout and prepare the templates for the launch while the editors work on the first articles. Waiting for the launch.