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to design a section of a website dedicated to major sporting events.

The most observant people might have noticed that every once in a while large and socially important sporting events (like the Olympic Games and world championships) happen in the world. The Sport 24 website provides information about major sporting events and pays special attention to the socially important ones (like the Olympic Games and world championships).

The Olympic Games 2018 section designed at the studio introduces readers to the latest news from the Olympics.

Previously, the website’s name was 8 news but it was changed in time for the Olympics. The new logo is rendered in the familiar and recognizable style.

The overview page is made up of large blocks that contain the schedule of upcoming competitions, medal table, records and athlete quotes.

The sections’ templates can be easily adapted for other sporting events, such as world championships.

sport24 main

The detailed calendar shows all upcoming events. Search by sport allows to follow only the most interesting events.

—Dear, when our men are running the relay?

sport24 calendar

The medal table shows how many medals were won in each day of the Games.

Special articles cover the most important achievements. These pieces are represented by conspicuous colored blocks.

sport24 herocard 01

sport24 herocard 02

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sport24 hero

Photo stories convey the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat.

Presenting standings in complex medal rallies is easy with custom developed visualizations.

sport24 table grid

Convenient graphs show how teams change their standings after each stage.

sport24 table small

Cute covers with Olympic symbols, athletes and sports equipment add charm.

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